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The most frequent causes of truck accidents

Due to differences in size and weight, trucks involved in accidents with smaller vehicles present a unique threat. In order to reduce the amounts of serious injuries and deaths that result from these accidents, it's important to learn about their most common causes. In Pennsylvania and other states, truck accidents are either caused by the drivers of small vehicles or the drivers of trucks. A smaller percentage of crashes are caused by environmental factors.

Staying safe while working outdoors during summer

Unlike states in the South or places closer to the coast, Pennsylvania is not necessarily notorious for its scorching temperatures during the summer months. As a person who must work outdoors, you do understand that it can get quite hot, especially when doing physically demanding tasks. Workers should be aware of the risks of working outdoors and what they can do to stay safe.

Basic Motorcycle Safety

There are more than 12 million motorcycles in use in the United States, and the number is only growing. As more people begin using motorcycles, it is important to understand basic motorcycle safety procedures. Though the number of motorcycle fatalities decreased between 2017 and 2018, motorcycle drivers are 28 more likely to be killed in a car crash than those riding in a motor vehicle. Practicing safe motorcycle driving is essential to staying safe on the road.

Tips for welders to prevent burns and other injuries

Pennsylvania welders always have a serious risk of becoming injured while welding. In particular, they are often at risk for burn hazards as a result of the sparks and spatter that can fly off the welding arc. Additionally, working with hot equipment could pose risks while the arc rays themselves created during welding can cause radiation burns. To help prevent welding injuries on the job, the American Welding Society provides a number of tips.


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