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Work Injuries Wreck Lives. We Can Help You Rebuild.


Insurance companies and businesses are not concerned with making sure that injured workers have the medical coverage and benefits they need to rebuild their lives after a devastating injury. They are not concerned about the families of the injured. They are often much more concerned about hanging on to every dollar they have.

Workers’ compensation claims are complicated mazes of legal forms, procedures and rules. Without the guidance of an experienced attorney, you can make a mistake that leaves money on the table. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Hall & Copetas know you cannot afford any errors when your family’s security is on the line.

Is Your Future At Stake?

There are several ways that employers and insurance companies try to evade the system. What should make you concerned? Any of the following things:

  • You are told that you cannot receive benefits because you have a pre-existing condition.
  • You are forced back to light duty despite your doctor’s statement that you are not yet able to work.
  • You are being pressured to accept a final settlement before you have healed.
  • You return to light duty and your position is suddenly eliminated or you are fired.
  • Your employer tries to say you are an independent contractor who is not entitled to workers’ compensation benefits at all.
  • Your employer tries to convince you to use your own insurance instead of filing a claim.
  • Your employer denies you were on the clock at the time of the injury.

If you experience these or any other questionable actions by your employer, an attorney can help. For example, if the company doctor tries to force you back to work when your own doctor states that you are not able to do the job, we can step in and build a solid case that proves the true nature of your injuries.

Trust Us, Trust Our Experience

Attorneys Tom Hall and Bill Copetas have built a solid practice on their experience handling workers’ compensation claims, including those where third parties are involved due to accidents while driving a company truck or accidents involving defective or poorly-maintained equipment.

Put our more than 45 years of combined experience to work for you. Call our office at 412-515-0129 to speak with an attorney or contact us online today. While our office is located in Pittsburgh, we represent clients throughout Pennsylvania and West Virginia.