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Hold Property Owners Responsible For Preventable Injuries

Property owners have a certain obligation to keep their properties safe and free of unusual obstacles and dangers. When property owners fail to keep the premises free of hazards that they knew about or should have known about, innocent people end up suffering devastating personal injuries.

At the Law Offices of Hall & Copetas, our attorneys know how to hold property owners liable for injuries they cause. Not every accident inside a store or in someone’s home is the owner’s fault. However, there are many times when terrible accidents could be avoided by simple acts. That is the sort of negligence that we address.

When An Owner Does Not Maintain A Safe Property

Many premises liability accident claims are the results of slips, trips and falls. Here are some common scenarios that often result in broken limbs, fractured hips, slipped discs and damaged spines:

  • Spilled liquids on a restaurant floor or in a grocery store
  • A loose entrance mat outside of a home or business
  • Burned out and broken lights over an apartment staircase
  • A loose handrail on an office building’s stairwell
  • A loose or decaying stair tread to someone’s porch
  • Unreasonable ice and snow buildup in an office parking lot
  • Debris from home or office renovations piled outside a building
  • Cracked sidewalks and pavement ruts in parking lots
  • Uneven and poorly maintained curbs outside buildings or around parking lots

When A Property Owner Ignores Your Safety

Negligent security is another common type of premises liability claim. When the owner of a hotel, parking garage or some other type of building knows that there is a high risk that people could be violently attacked on the property, he or she has an obligation to improve the security. If the owner fails to take action, he or she can be held liable for any attacks and injuries that occur.

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