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Start Here After A Car Wreck

Nothing can help you anticipate the physical pain, financial consequences and emotional damage that comes from being in a car accident.

At the Law Offices of Hall & Copetas, we realize that your entire life has been disrupted, especially if you are unable to work. Your physical well-being is suffering. Your financial resources are tapped. Your emotional reserves are drained. Your entire family is affected.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are notorious for only paying the bare minimum. They are not interested in what is fair. They are not concerned with your needs.

We Use Our Experience To Help You Come Out On Top

Attorneys Tom Hall and Bill Copetas have more than 45 years of legal experience that they put behind every case. That is the kind of experience that insurance companies are afraid to face. That is the kind of experience that gets results.

We dedicate ourselves to getting you the resources you need to start your recovery. We even put clients in touch with vocational professionals who can help them look for a new career when their injuries prevent them from returning to their old one. We know that rebuilding your life is a long, slow process that must be taken one step at a time.

We represent clients in all kinds of vehicular accidents, including:

  • Multicar accidents
  • Delivery trucks and semi accidents
  • Motorcycles accidents
  • Bicycle/pedestrian accidents
  • Wrong-way accidents
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Distracted driving accidents

We never allow insurance companies to push our clients around. We use our considerable knowledge and experience to build solid cases, with irrefutable evidence. We work hard to get every client what he or she deserves.

Contact Us For Strong, Compassionate Representation

We are located in Pittsburgh, but we represent clients throughout Pennsylvania and West Virginia. For a free consultation with a lawyer, contact us via our online form or call us at 412-515-0129 today. We are ready to help you.