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Have You Been Injured In A Hunting Or Sports Shooting Accident?

Hunting and sports shooting, like that done at a gun or archery range, are enjoyable hobbies for many. Unfortunately, accidents happen. Anytime a deadly weapon is involved, tragedy can strike without warning.

At the Law Offices of Hall & Copetas, we know that it is impossible to understand how suddenly your entire life can change in an instant — until it happens. One minute, you are enjoying life and happy. The next, you are in pain and struggling to recover. We dedicate ourselves to helping injured clients, who are the victims of negligence, to get access to the financial and medical resources necessary to make recovery easier.

What Types Of Hunting Or Shooting-Related Injuries Are The Result Of Negligence?

Not every hunting, hunting-related or sports shooting accident is the result of someone’s failure to take proper precautions. However, some of the most common we see include:

  • Rifle and bow accidents — where a careless hunter did not pause to identify a proper target before pulling the trigger and fired at a member of the same hunting party
  • Products liability cases — where bows broke or were improperly fitted, causing the bowman to suffer an injury during use
  • Negligent supervision cases — where parents failed to adequately supervise a child who was learning to hunt or fire a weapon
  • Defective tree stands or defective rifles and other weapons — hunters and sometimes bystanders are injured when they suddenly malfunction
  • Firing range accidents — where owners did not properly supervise the customers and allowed horseplay or other dangerous activities

It takes a certain amount of skill to identify a source of compensation in some hunting injury cases. Sometimes a business is partially responsible. Sometimes an individual’s homeowners’ insurance will pay — but only if someone knows how to make a claim and prove the case.

Talk To Us Before You Talk To An Insurance Company

Even if an insurance company steps forward to try to settle, you may not get what you really deserve. Talk to an attorney first. When you can have a free consultation with a lawyer simply by contacting us online or by calling 412-515-0129, you have nothing to fear.