The most frequent causes of truck accidents

Due to differences in size and weight, trucks involved in accidents with smaller vehicles present a unique threat. In order to reduce the amounts of serious injuries and deaths that result from these accidents, it's important to learn about their most common causes. In Pennsylvania and other states, truck accidents are either caused by the drivers of small vehicles or the drivers of trucks. A smaller percentage of crashes are caused by environmental factors.

Accidents caused by the drivers of smaller passenger vehicles usually involve the inability of the driver to accurately predict the capabilities of the large truck. They may drive where the truck driver has no visibility, abruptly move in front of the truck or not be aware of the distance a truck requires for making a right turn. Drivers often fail to estimate the speed and braking ability of large trucks, causing accidents at unprotected left turns or when pulling into traffic.

The drivers of large trucks are usually patient and well trained, but they can also be at fault for accidents. High expectations and strict schedules can create a lot of stress, forcing drivers to push themselves and their vehicles to the limit. This situation can lead to dangerous conditions on the road. Some drivers had inadequate training when it comes to defensive measures and driving techniques in hazardous conditions.

People who are hurt in truck accidents may be able to receive compensation from the driver or another responsible party. A lawyer will usually be able to provide a free consultation during which he or she will examine the circumstances of an accident and recommend a legal strategy. Some cases may be as simple as getting an insurance company to fulfill a claim while others may involve lawsuits with large companies.

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