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Nurse-to-patient Staffing Ratios in Pennsylvania

For the first time in Pennsylvania history, the governor has been supportive of efforts for nurse-to-patient staffing laws that would set a maximum number of patients for a nurse to care for at once. Additionally, bills have been co-sponsored in both the Pennsylvania House and Senate that would codify nurse-to-patient ratios across all hospitals in the state. Across the United States, 14 states have laws that address nurse staffing. However, California is the only state that's law specifies a ratio for each type of hospital unit. The other laws either leave the choice to hospital committees or mandate that these ratios are disclosed publicly.

As truck crashes go up, speeding may be major factor

Speeding may be behind the rise in truck crash numbers that many states are experiencing. Pennsylvania residents should know that many of these crashes are fatal, usually for the occupants of passenger vehicles: The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has said that occupants of smaller vehicles compose 72% of all fatalities in collisions between trucks and other vehicles.

Keeping new landscapers safe on the job

Working in the landscaping industry can be a challenging job. It involves working outdoors with equipment that can be dangerous if used improperly. It is critical to give workers the tools to stay as safe as reasonably possible on the job, including providing proper training for new workers.

What do insurance trends indicate about distracted driving?

Pennsylvania readers know that distracted driving is a problem in the state and throughout the country. Most drivers are aware of the dangers of driving while looking at their phones or engaging in distracted behaviors, and yet inattentiveness continues to be one of the most common causes of car accidents. It is one of the most pressing safety concerns threatening the well-being of all motorists.


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