Sharing the road with large trucks and semis can be daunting for any driver, but especially a new driver. Making sure you are safe while on the road with a large truck is important, as you need to follow different guidelines than you might when simply sharing the road with fellow car drivers.

Large truck crashes are common. In 2016, truck crashes resulted in almost 4,000 deaths. The driver of the smaller vehicle often unintentionally causes these accidents, due to not knowing the proper way to share the road with colossal vehicles.

Blind spots

Possibly the most important thing to remember when sharing the road with larger trucks and vehicles is that the bigger the truck, the bigger the blind spots. Semis and large trucks have blind spots on all four sides called “no zones.”

  • Front and back: the front and back are important, especially when merging. The blind spots can range from 20 to 200 feet, so it is crucial to be wary when switching lanes. Tailgating and cutting off drivers of large trucks can be detrimental.
  • Left and right: The left and right sides also have blind spots, but the right side’s no zone is especially large. For this reason, try not to sneak on the right side of a large truck, particularly when they are turning.


Keeping your distance from semis and large trucks can help you avoid accidents. It takes a good amount more time and space for large trucks to come to a stop. If you are too close, you could risk an accident.

Large truck accidents have a high fatality rate, especially for those in small vehicles. Your safety while on the road is paramount, so it is wise to remember these tips for sharing the road with these large vehicles.